Semantic Data Library (SDL)


The SDL library is a prototypical implementation of a tool which enables to query relational databases in terms of ontology concepts and reasoning with rules. It was implemented in Java language. An answer for a query is obtained during the reasoning process in Jess engines (forward and backward chaining). The Jess facts gathered in this way can be easily processed with an OWL2Jess reasoning engine because facts are represented as triples. The queries are in the form of directed graphs. Currently version enables defining queries in Jess language. The SDL library allows querying a relational database ’on-the-fly’, according to the semantics specified in ontology with rules. The query mechanism currently exploits the ’is-a’ relation and SWRL rules, but more sophisticated reasoning is available using OWL Meta-model from OWL2Jess.

SDL Demo

The SDL demo is no longer available. The tool is officially "dead". However, a more advanced tool is available - please check the RuQAR's webpage here.